Lead Generation: Attention Baiting

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

What is the number one reason businesses don't grow?

The lack of consistent and predictable lead flow, which is quite equivalent to lack of distribution. Today we are going to learn more about two important terms, which are;

1. Lead generation and,

2. Distribution.

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Lead generation is simply locating people who are interested in your brands' products or services and forming a value-based relationship with them. A lead is someone who has shown interest in the service or product or values your company is offering. In the same breath, lead generation can be defined as the process or processes employed in attracting potential customers to your business.

Distribution is a long-term asset & protection scheme that creates a predictable lead generation stream. Businesses leverage on social media advertising for a very important reason, which is to form their brand's distribution.

Imagine you wanted to sell cookies in your neighborhood. How would you know how many neighbors would be interested in your cookies? How would your neighbors know you sell cookies even? Your best bet would be to go from door to door (advertisement), letting your neighbors know about your intentions to sell cookies and finding out how many of them are interested in buying your cookies.

A few neighbors (let’s call them A) may not be interested at all in cookies. A few neighbors (call them B) might be interested but do not want to purchase right away, while the rest of the neighbors (call them C) might indicate interest in immediate purchase. Neighbors B and C are what we call leads.

Created by Juma GFX

The above is the major reason why we pay social media platforms for adverts, to get leads to secure a list of contacts that are interested in our brands, this ends up being our distribution.

Distribution gives you a vivid picture of how many contacts you have against how many you can realistically get hold of.

Before social media became popular and every Tom could buy whatever he needs from the comfort of his couch, marketers had to employ systems that included badgering people with calls and emails without prior contact to advertise products and services. These systems are known as cold calling and cold emailing and are not only intrusive but have slowly outlived their effectiveness in this era of information.

This era of social media is both sweet and sour in the sense that it seems so easy to reach your target audience via channels like social media but it is even easier to get drowned in the sea of information that is constantly circulating on these channels. All the noise on social media can be overwhelming to consumers and this has led them to develop ways to ignore messages they don’t want to hear and research on what they do want to learn about.

In fewer words, consumer attention has grown scarcer. Therefore, businesses find themselves in a constant battle to keep their heads above the crowd; to be seen by their target market.

One of the questions that should cross your mind at this point is, 'How then do I generate leads?'

On the top of this list is content. Making useful content available to your potential customers is a proven method of drawing attention to your brand. If your company sells nonstick pans, for example, you may go ahead to create posts about recipes of foods like pancakes that can be made using a nonstick pan. This type of content can bait the attention of pancake lovers to your page as well and needless to say, whoever would love to make a pancake would need a nonstick pan. Ensure that your content provides value to your potential leads but also ensure that your posts contain a CTA (Call-to-action) that can direct your them to a well designed landing page constructed to obtain their details for contacts (phone number, business name, email address, etc) to your list.

The above can be used for follow up through email marketing, texting, phone calls and other suitable media of communication. Your list can also aid in creating brand persona, which is very useful in developing suitable, engaging and profitable content in the future for both you and your leads or client base.

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