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As Africans, wherever we go, one main thing we always look for -ward to is food. Now people in the 21st century have evolved in their taste for food. It no longer stops at it being just about food but goes further into being about taste and presentation.

At Grill X, Food is Art and we specialize in serving our guests and clients the best products from the grill. For us, it is more than just serving grill and so we make sure that we are giving each one of our guests a new experience of the grill with each bite leaving a signature taste in the mouth of the guest.
Our presentation gives you that “Taste at first sight” sensation with an urge to want to explore the amazing taste of what lies before you. The response we get from clients as feedback is also very important to us as we always listen and put to practice whatever feedback we get. This has helped us and also guides us in ensuring that we continue to serve our guests and clients in the taste that they desire. 


Logo | Identity Program


Our menu is a representation of our customer-centricity which allows our guests and clients to mix and match various items on our menu list. Our priority is to ensure that we serve each guest or client in their desired taste and style with our head chef and food artist always willing to take on new paths of creative food design and styling. 

Extra Value For Service

From the moment we are hired, we are committed to ensuring that our clients and guests have a fantastic grill experi ence.
We are aware that sometimes at events the clients never get a chance to have a taste of most of the food they paid for and so we ensure that a special compli mentary package is sent to your hotel room or resident on the morning of your event. This is also done in order for you to have a snip of what to look for ward to at your event.
We know how important your event is to you and we know that you hate em barrassing situations so we make provi sion for extras in addition to what you ordered, as we understand how easy it is for clients to sometimes under plan.
In addition, we always have a special thank you pack handed to you at the end of every event in appreciation of your patronage.

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