JUMA GFX, a creative brand first established in 2017 and re-branded in 2019, provides Branding, Advertising, Web Development, Consultation & Design services. It has an affiliate fashion brand in CHASE SEVEN, established 2019.

We focus on developing SMEs of the future through strategy, design, adverts & writing. We provide highly professional and affordable services and seek to properly brand, place eyeballs-on, create social & web presence for individuals & businesses who crave for growth, customization and professionalism.

JUMA was coined from the name Jude and the video game MARIO SUPER BROS. Why MARIO? Because of the creative vibe behind the game, its colorfulness, unforgettable intro background song, and the precision you had to attain at each moment of the game to get to the next level. The brand was first named JUMARIO back in 2017, which sounded quite long, so it was shortened to JUMA by Nkem Jude Ogbolu during our re-branding process in 2019.

GFX represents graphics & diversity and wears proudly the ORANGE brand color which represents our creativity, enthusiasm & willingness to research, learn and execute. Our simplicity, design style, fun-habit, attention looting capacity and a No-Mediocre Rule; we will always go out of line, bend our backs, think outside the box and brake creative blocks to proffer satisfaction to our clients and mentor beautifully our fan-base.

Meet The Team



Creative Director

Hi my name is Nkem Jude Ogbolu. I'm a visual content creator with a drive for quality and productivity.



Software Developer

Hey there, I'm Onyeka Sun Ijeh, an Engineer building amazing experiences. 



Digital Market Specialist

Hi, I'm Ogo Charles Ogbolu. I am a digital marketer, an analyst and a fashion designer, with the innovative mindset to create something unique.


We are creatively brilliant


We are simple, colorful & professional


We are designers


We are developers


We are marketers


We are writers


We are educators


We are the quality you deserve


We are Juma GFX

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